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Breaking the Glass Slipper  (A standalone novel)

Valentina hates fairytales; happily-ever-after is for people with no problems. Luckily for her, she’s just moved to the fabulous Sweetheart Island Resort to start afresh. Sure, it might have more androids and actors than real people, and her new fiance might have a rather nasty secret, and the owners are DEFINITELY up to something sinister…but it’s a resort! What could possibly go wrong?



Unshakeable (A standalone novel)Unshakeable cover 5 front only

In the distant future, the former Mars colony is green, wild…and in desperate need of change.

Seventeen-year-old Iscendra’s world is shaken when she’s illegally conscripted into a spoiled Martian ruler’s private army. With her entire future under threat, it takes all her strength not to fall apart. But when the opportunity arises for real change, will she have the courage to risk not just her own life, but her family’s too?


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Across Time & Space ( 7-book series)

A Regency gentleman.

A medieval lady.

And Ash, who wants to know what in Hades is going on…

Three time periods collide in a universe not quite like our own, where science meets the supernatural. A fast-paced adventure.

The Eternity Stone | Mountain of Glass | Desert of Fire | Desert of Ice | The Hidden Door | Whiter than Snow | City of Light

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Rose Red cover only 15.7

The Mostly Forgotten Memoirs of Rose Red

(Fairytale Memoirs series, standalone)

Left penniless by her father’s death, Rose-Red lives in a cottage in the woods outside a small, unimportant village along with her twin sister and mother. Life seems small and unimportant too, right up until the night a very special, hairy visitor knocks on their door…



Viola cover FINAL

Viola Sends Her Regrets

(Fairytale Memoirs series, standalone)

Viola knows that she isn’t the prettiest girl in the room, or the most popular. That honour goes to her stunning stepsister Nellie, who was spoiled rotten by her late father, but who is also as beautiful as an angel and charming enough to get what she wants, when she wants it. And right now, what Nellie wants is to go to the royal ball. Little does Viola know what the far-reaching consequences of that desire will be…


Gifted front cover only REVERSED 2019Gifted: A Fairytale Memoirs novella

(Fairytale Memoirs series, standalone)

Claire’s been given a choice. Her refugee people can settle in a safe, beautiful location – if she agrees to marry the beastly son of the local chieftain. As a bonus, they won’t kill her father. Seems like a win-win situation…right up until she catches sight of the groom, who’s rather beastlier than she’d expected. She desperately wants peace – but is the price too high?

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