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Standalone novels

Tyger an out of this world tale.
Take Me Home. Before you leave, you have to survive.
Unshakeable. When life falls apart, you've got to hold it together.
Breaking the Glass Slipper. Life's no fairytale.

Fairytale Memoirs series

Loosely connected standalone novels set in the same fairytale world.
Fresh takes on traditional tales.

Gifted a fairytale memoirs novella.
The mostly forgotten memoirs of rose red. A fairytale memoirs novel
Viola sends her regrets. A fairytale memoirs novel

Across Time & Space series

Time-travel adventures in a fantasy-filled world almost like our own.
This series should be read in order.

The eternity stone. Across time and space book 1
Mountain of glass. Across time and space book 2
Desert of Fire. Across time and space book 3.
desert of ice. Across time and space book 4
the hidden door. Across time and space book 5
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