The Hidden DoorTHD cover 2 front only

Across Time & Space Book 5 – coming 2019

Even seasoned time-travellers still make mistakes.

After the near-disaster in Lile, 2598 AD, Ash and George are enjoying a well-deserved holiday in the 21 century and dreaming of what the future holds. But then Anne arrives suddenly, bringing news of a family emergency that calls him home to 1818, and sends Ash to the supernatural haven of Erastus to find answers. Great idea – until the gateway home is accidentally destroyed.

Meanwhile, Kamile is recovering from the events that killed her best friend. But even as her adopted family is exploring their new lives, her strained relationship with Aras seems an inch away from falling apart entirely. Helping Ash with her little stranding problem might be too much to manage.

But all their problems pale when a brutal scene is discovered on the town outskirts. An ancient danger is stalking the peaceful town, and they’re about to find out what really lies through those beautiful stone archways…


tyger cover 4Tyger

A standalone novel coming late 2019

Just one step away from Earth is Tyger: home to a humanlike race of aliens ruled by a colourful and brutal dictator…

As a resident of Tyger’s only human colony, Astrid Townsend has spent three years hearing fascinating tales of the locals, but has never had the chance to meet them in person. The not-quite-human locals reluctantly trade gold, gems and precious ambrilene with the colonists, but don’t allow anyone inside their cities.

Until now. The young Tyger emir, Raka, has invited one small human delegation to attend his New Year Festival. As Astrid’s supposed to be heartbroken due to a recent breakup, she’s invited along as consolation.

In her short visit, she finds that the locals ARE just as interesting and exotic as she imagined; that they’re rabidly protective of their women… and that her brother is an idiot. Did he really think it would end well if he took off with the emir’s gorgeous, nun-like sister?

That one choice sets off a whole chain of events that affect both planets. Then right when this entire world is on the brink of war, Astrid herself has caught the attention of someone who really believes in an eye for an eye…and she finds the truth behind the gold and jewels is ugly enough to die for.

Royals, races, and absolute monarchies meet their match in one young human woman. Anything’s possible when you’ve got a portal that spans galaxies.