The world of Fairytale Memoirs

This series takes traditional fairytales and gives them a dose of realism and humour. (Or as much realism as you can get in this type of story, anyway). They’re always from an unusual point of view: either from a minor character, or just a really original perspective on a familiar story, some of which have been done MANY times…but not by me. These standalone books contain fantasy, drama, romance, the occasional nasty curse, and eventually, happily-ever-after. (Yay!)

In order of release:

  • The Mostly-Forgotten Memoirs of Rose Red. Inspired by the Grimm Brothers’ fairytale ‘Snow White and Rose Red’ about two sisters whose quiet lives are disrupted by – wait for it – a talking bear. (Sure, it’s a true story.) 
  • Viola Sends Her Regrets. What if Cinderella was a spoiled brat who told tales, and you were just unlucky enough to share a house with her? Not-so-ugly stepsisters, horrific curses, and a gorgeous, grumpy guardsman. 
  • Gifted: A Fairytale Memoirs novella. Or as I call it, ‘Cutie and the Veest’. This book is about two people groups about to be connected by marriage. She’s in love with someone else. He’s a shapeshifter stuck in beastly pig-dog form… Things are about to get interesting.  
  • Bluebeard’s Last Wife. Lady Marianne of Notenham has been betrothed since childhood to a real monster: the son of the notorious wife-killer Bluebeard. But no one seems to understand the danger she’s in. She’ll have to take care of it herself… (Date TBC)

Am I allowed to say that I love these stories? Because I do. See if you feel the same way with a FREE READ!

The Hundred-Layer Quilt  is a short story set in Cristonia (see the map below). It’s about a girl who is offered a kingdom in exchange for one tiny, little lie…

Azalea is an ordinary girl – except for the part about being a princess, that is. But her tiny kingdom of Lancastre barely rates a second glance, which is why being considered a possible bride for the wealthy, too-wonderful Prince Damien of neighbouring Cristonia comes as such a shock. But that’s nothing compared to what he wants her to do

And just ‘cos I can, here is a map of the Fairytale Memoirs world, as well as which kingdom each upcoming story relates to.

Memoirs map 2 small