Breaking the Glass Slipper

In fairytales the villain is unquestionably bad, the hero unquestionably good, and everyone knows exactly who will win. But what happens when a fairytale villain decides they want a fresh start?

Valentina Green has made her living off being the fairest of them all, but her carefully made plans are thrown into turmoil when her new fiancé, the much older Kingsley White, turns out to have a teenage daughter, Snow. And Snow White really doesn’t want a new stepmother, especially not one barely older than herself. No problem – Valentina has had a lifetime’s experience getting around people, and snooty Daddy’s girl Snow will be easily dealt with.

But after a strange series of events, Valentina begins to question her choices in life. And everyone deserves a second chance, right? How hard could it be?

Harder than she’d think. When it seems like the facts don’t add up and the whole world is conspiring to keep her in her place, she starts to question the whole nature of her reality…

Coming in print and ebook 1 November 2017