Mountain of Glass

Across Time & Space Book 2 

A 200-year-old gentleman.

A 500-year-old lady.

And Ash, who pays the rent…

After escaping the Queen’s grasp in 2155 AD, Ash, George and Anne find themselves reluctant flatmates in the twenty-first century. No ID, no money, and apparently forgotten by friends and enemies alike. With their new abilities gone, it seems their biggest battle is learning how to use a toaster… and how to live together without killing each other.

But then another twist of fate leads the trio out of Ash’s time and throughout history. And as they’re forced to rely on each other even more, they discover a few dangerous truths.

There’s another realm. One of wonder, supernatural power, and terrible peril.

They’re not the only ones who can travel through time.

And they’re not so forgotten after all…

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