Across Time & Space series

Across T&S series pic small

The full series:

The Eternity Stone
Mountain of Glass
Desert of Fire
Desert of Ice
The Hidden Door
Whiter than Snow
City of Light

Young adult
sci-fi/fantasy/time travel.

This 7 book series follows several different main characters across time and space (yes, it’s true) in a world a lot like ours, but more interesting. It has superheroes (kind of) and a supernatural realm full of the weird and wonderful.

Funnily enough, the series started out as ‘just one book, I swear’, but just kept going as new characters were introduced, and their stories had to be told. I see it as three parts:

The Eternity Stone (1) and Mountain of Glass (2) follow the stories of Ash, George and Anne, as well as introducing various recurring characters like Amaranthus, Jon and Elspeth.

Desert of Fire (3) and Desert of Ice (4) started out as one book, but it was simply too big. These books continue with the same three characters, but also heavily follow a new character, Coryn. They also introduce a new location and time – Lile, 2598 AD. The Hidden Door (5) completes the story arc for these characters.

Then there’s Whiter than Snow (6) which is Jon’s story, as well as introducing new characters in a new setting of the extremely distant future. Some minor characters continue from earlier books, but overall it’s a different feel than the first five. City of Light (7) finishes out the series, as well as completing the story arcs for all of the characters introduced in Whiter than Snow.

The entire series has been written. All going well, it’ll be released in full by Christmas 2021.