I’m a human female (or so my doctor assures me) and I’m comfortably located in Wellington, New Zealand: a city that ‘you can’t beat on a fine day’. Every other day…no comment. I’m still here, aren’t I?

One day about eight years ago, I was reading a mediocre novel and thought ‘I could do this’. Or better, hopefully. And so I began to write, and haven’t stopped since. Fingers crossed my work isn’t mediocre – but that’s for you to decide.

I like beautiful things, good food, nice people, and stories that make me feel good. I also like art (the sort that looks like it took effort, not like a toddler painted it with a brush stuck to their forehead) and I illustrate all my own work – because it’s fun, because I know the characters, and because I’m a bit cheap.

Thanks to Massey University for making me feel qualified to publish my own work (and for giving me a student debt that will follow me into my old age. It was worth it).

If you have any burning questions not answered here, please contact me.