Unshakeable: a YA sci-fi/romance novel, free for a limited time

Unshakeable cover 5 front only

In the distant future, the former Mars colony is green, wild…and in desperate need of change. 

Seventeen-year-old Iscendra’s world is shaken when she’s illegally conscripted into a spoiled Martian ruler’s private army. With her entire future under threat, it takes all her strength not to fall apart. But when the opportunity arises for real change, will she have the courage to risk not just her own life, but her family’s too?

My latest novel Unshakeable is now available in ebook and print. As is tradition, the ebook is currently free for download at a bunch of retailers – check out the links here, as well as an excerpt if you feel the need for one. The discount ends 15 April 2019, and the ebook will go back to its regular price of $3.49 (US).

This book is young adult, clean (let’s call it PG-13) and standalone. Check it out if you’re looking for action, mystery, romance and a freaking huge twist!

On a different note, The Hidden Door (Across Time & Space book 5) has gone for its second edit. Expect to see this come out by August 2019. The cover has been drafted, but it’s not quite ready for a showing yet. I’m really enjoying seeing this novel develop, since it was a last-minute addition to the already-written series. The storylines of Ash, George and Anne were meant to be completed in Desert of Ice (book 4), but I just wasn’t satisfied with how these had finished up. The Hidden Door has been an awesome opportunity to really round out those storylines, as well as some themes that had been established in the first four books.tyger front cover only 5

I do, however, have a cover for Tyger – a kinda sci-fi set a generation in the future. Someone has discovered a portal leading directly to another world, which has an almost-human local culture, but about fifteen hundred years behind our own. So it’s both old-fashioned and futuristic, with alien princesses, suitably evil villains, and a couple of semi-clueless humans who get caught in the middle of a war. Expect to see this standalone novel out by December 2019.

Here’s the cover, and here’s a link to the blurb.

­­Enjoy 😊

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