Free, free, free: ebook sale!

Yes, again. But this time ALL my YA ebooks are either free or seriously discounted, and it’s thanks to’s ‘read an ebook week’.

Now I got into reading ebooks mainly because they were cheaper, you could find obscure writers easily (like myself) and because you get immediate gratification – click, and they’re in your hands. Or your laptop/kindle/phone, et cetera.

Anyway, feel free to immediately gratify yourself with the entire Across Time & Space series – three time periods collide in a universe not quite like our own, where science meets the supernatural. A fast-paced adventure.

Rose Red cover only 15.7Or the Fairytale Memoirs series – not-so-traditional fairytales with realism, humour and of course, happily-ever-after. Each story takes place in the same universe, but can be read on its own. Check out Cinderella’s not-so-ugly stepsister, Rose Red, or as per my previous blog post, Beauty and the Beast (a novella).

BGS cover only for digital 1Last but not least, Breaking the Glass Slipper is half price. This standalone story is told from the point of view of Valentina, a girl who arrives at a luxury island resort to meet her fiancé, and instead has her entire reality turned upside-down. YA, futuristic, drama/romance, twisted fairytale. (This book also has my favourite cover. What do you think?)

The sale ends midnight 9 March Pacific time.


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