Free fairytale ebook! (AKA a girl, a beast and a really awkward arranged marriage…)

Gifted front cover only REVERSED 2019If you’re like me and appreciate free books, then get your own copy of my newest release, ‘Gifted: a Fairytale Memoirs novella’. It’s a small but perfectly formed story inspired by Beauty and the Beast. Sure, the idea’s been done before, but definitely not with a cute but height-challenged refugee, a shapeshifter mysteriously stuck in half-shifted form, and the world’s weirdest arranged marriage.

‘Gifted’ is part of a loosely connected collection of fairytale-inspired novels. The series also includes stories based on Cinderella’s notorious stepsister and the more obscure (but no less awesome) Snow-White and Rose-Red. They’re full of fantasy, adventure and light romance, and are definitely safe to read in public. If that’s your thing, click here for a list of retailers stocking the free ‘Gifted’ ebook.

The Eternity Stone cover 2019If you’re not really into fairytales but still want a free read, check out ‘The Eternity Stone’, the first novel in the ‘Across Time & Space’ series. It’s kinda sci-fi, kinda fantasy, with loads of action, humour, and just a touch of romance. I’m a big fan, but as I’m the author I may be just a little biased. You can find links to the free ebook here, as well as an excerpt.

Both books are available in paperback (but not free, because I’m just not that generous).

As for what’s coming next:

Because I find it really hard to stick to one genre, ‘Unshakeable’ is a standalone sci-fi/action/drama/romance about a girl who’s conscripted into a private army in the distant future…on Mars. Yes, really, but I promise it works. First person perspective, a villain you “want to punch in the face” according to one of my beta readers, and a happy ending. Currently in its final stage of editing – expect to see this available by April 2019 at the latest. You can check out the cover here.

Next up after that will probably be ‘The Hidden Door’, which is the latest in the ‘Across Time & Space’ series. This one rounds out Ash, George and Anne’s storylines, and it’s just finished its first edit. No cover yet because I’ve been lazy, but expect to see this in the next little while.

And then, because I’m an overachiever with nothing else to do, there’ll be ‘Tyger’ (spelling intentional). This is another standalone sci-fi/fantasy/drama/romance. It’s my current favourite, but that’s because I’m still writing the perfect ending. A gorgeous cover is just around the corner, and I’ll post it when it’s ready.

There’s more, but I think I’ll stop there. Thanks for reading, please do check out the free ebooks (and the paid ones too, hmm?) and if you’re inclined, look out for the next blog.


M. Marinan