What do you do when your world’s been destroyed?


Desert of Ice cover only 1


A) Take a deep breath. Don’t panic.

B) Avoid old enemies, especially that one.

C) And that weird girl who says she’s a time traveller, and that she’s here to help? Let her tag along. She’s probably harmless, and it’s not like things can get any worse.


Across Time & Space Book 4 is out now.

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Haven’t read the first three?

Read the series in order.


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Valentina hates fairytales.

Happily ever after? As a twenty-one-year-old widow with a brain injury that steals her memories, she knows life is never that easy. But now she has the chance to start over on the strange and beautiful Sweetheart Island Resort. Never mind that it’s got more androids and actors than regular humans, or the fact that her new fiance proves to have an unpleasant secret or two. Oh, or that whoever’s running the show is definitely up to something…


Breaking the Glass Slipper is now available in ebook and print.

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I’m happy to say that my first junior novel is now available! Princess Peach and the Wild Weekend has been released under my children’s author/illustrator name ‘Mary Em’.

It’s a fun, adventurous story for ages 7-11 (but if you like an easy read and lots of pictures, maybe it’s for you too).

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Just released: My Unruly Mop of Hair. 

This is a colourful story full of imagination and fun hairstyles!  For ages 3-8 (or people who like a lot of pictures).

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